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The Ascent Group of Companies

The Ascent Group comprises companies that have provided public capital market and private equity market advice and services to institutions and to high net worth individuals.

Ascent Capital Management Inc. is an investment advisory firm. It is incorporated in New York State. The firm´s principal activity is the management of portfolios of publicly traded US stocks and bonds for both institutions and individuals. The firm´s track record is exceptional. There is a special focus on the health care and information technology sectors.

Ascent Capital Advisors, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company that advises corporations on strategies for capital raising and assists with private placements of securities.


Ascent Medical Technology Fund, LP was the first of the funds dedicated to innovative medical device and life science companies launched by Ascent. The Fund had its first close in October of 2000 and its life ended in 2010. The Fund was fully invested in twelve companies having breakthrough technologies and saw productive harvests.

Ascent Medical Technology Fund II, LP was the second of the funds dedicated to medical technology innovations launched by Ascent. Fund II had as its objectives the development of a world-competitive medical technology industry in the Middle East along with bringing to the world's markets a number of blockbuster technologies that address serious global health issues.

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